Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Today's Reality"

The last two days have been covered with light trauma; just enough to keep us busy without boredom and now we have arrived at the 10th anniversary of September 11th.  It is surreal to see the images of that day replayed constantly on satellite TV here in Afghanistan. We are reliving that moment every minute we are here as it not only changed our country but also the world as we know it. Major conflicts of the past (pre 9/11/01) are now only text book words of an old world with a very different reality. Today’s reality is more about “unknown chaos” which seems to be growing. September 11th was an event which occurred within the backyard of America but the following aftershock was felt in the homes and hearts of freedom loving individuals around the world. Gone are the days of the cold war when there was an identifiable enemy that we could up their ante to stay in control and on top; now our enemy are religious zealots and infected rabid individuals within our own moral societies.  The seas are looking rough for our voyage into the foreseeable future.  We as moral citizens need to heed diligence to work as one to force the insurgent minded to forfeit their plans by making it near impossible to see them through.  We as a world moral society need to restart a grass roots campaign to raise our children in a loving just environment to better allow our offspring to make good moral human decisions that rebel against hate, inequality and false religious pretention. I feel there is a collective moral consciousness evolving in this world as a reaction to recent historical changes, and it is growing by the day.  It is not exclusive of religion, nationality, or geographic location and has awoken something deeply spiritual within us.  If it is coming to you embrace it and be a part of the moral revolution that is following it. We as humans are all the same with only circumstances separating us. Once we realize that we will reunite without boundary, understanding the power we hold together is greater than any one individual, culture, religion or false ideology.  God bless all souls lost 10 years ago in the wake of this sickened terror. God bless all the lives ended in the fighting that precipitated in the shadow of this tragedy. God bless America in this time of mourning. 

P.S. My combine bench press competition is tonight; this effort is for our fallen heroes.

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