Thursday, August 4, 2011

Distant Angel's

Last night I went to upload my blog at the USO (United Service Organization) on the FOB. For once I was not in a rush and looked at the modest amount of resources available; I was taken back. As a service member for the United States armed forces knowing my country supports me is invaluable in the sustainment of personal motivation, and I am not alone.   When you’re an eternity from the civilization you call home sometimes your heart questions their collective consciousness.  Do they believe in me? Have I been forgotten?  Organizations such as the USO and countless others answer these deep seeded questions for us and grow meaning too our days.  As I was carefully filtering through I came across 3 large white boxes with “USO” printed in large blue letters on the side. Contained within their 4 walls were hundreds of small and large plastic bags  each with various treats, personal care items, and something angelically special; a letter.  Their diverse colors rivaled the most beautiful autumn tree.   Some typed others hand written by children and adults, men and women.   The words within their paper borders spoke to my heart and fueled the depths of my soul. I was taken back. I remember in my younger school age years doing similar letters but it was an educational frustrating task; now it was different.  These weren’t just letters; they were words from distant angels who believed in us and watched over our hearts.  It’s moments like these that solidify in our being “I Believe”.  Whether a month into deployment or 15 months, the feeling that “I Believe” helps us wake up in the morning, trudge through our days, and fall asleep in our beds or on the muddied ground we as soldiers find ourselves. We don’t have much we can give in return, but we do have two words: “Thank You”.
Members of the 772nd  Forward Surgical Team would like to thank you.
Specialist Sohl (Silverspring, MD) - Thank you for taking time to support us.
Captain Ogle (Jackson, MS)- Words cannot express the gratitude in which I feel for those of you who do not personally know me or my family but continually wish for our best.  You are what make this everyday experience an unforgettable one…thank you.
Major Keener (San Antonio, TX) - You cannot appreciate how much your generosity boosts morale of troops deployed overseas.  As you can imagine separation from family and friends can be very difficult.  Thank you for taking the time to brighten our days. 
Major Tadaki (Ohahu, HI) - I was extremely moved to see all the love and support given by our fellow Americans.  Thank you all for the morale boosters!
1LT Tierney (Sacramento, CA) - I am extremely grateful for the continual support and appreciation of our country for our troops through this long war.
Major Mulcahy (Cincinnati, OH) - To be appreciated by ones family and friends is special, however, to get support and courage from these letters from total strangers never fails to move me.  Distant Angels are extraordinary.
SGT Pejic (Miami, FL) -  As soldiers, we are asked to carry the torch of freedom to distant and dark places full of oppression and suffering. Your help provides a beacon of light that gives us all joy and renews hope through the darkness.
Major Jeanette (Omaha, NE) -  As we travel further away from home and what we know as normality, the continual support from the various individuals and organizations in America is a reminder of how wonderful our nation truly is.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.
Sergeant Parker (Clanton, AL) - As this is my second time deploying getting letters from people who appreciate what we do and show that they care is truly inspiring. It is such a morale booster to read a letter from someone you don’t know who truly cares about the soldiers and what we do. The letters lift up our spirits when we are having a hard day being away from the ones we love.
SGT Smith (Grand Bay, AL) -  Being away from family and friends is a very difficult task for anyone, especially a year.  So to just know that we have support and feel the love coming from back home is amazing.  It will pick you up from a bad day and just make you proud to be an American and serving in the military.  I really appreciate you taking the time it takes to do this sort of thing. 
Staff Sergeant Marvin (Alabama) - Thank you for you kind thoughts and word their appreciated.

I hope you enjoyed the sidetrack from my normal personal blog; I was inspired.  Sharing others personal experiences only help me understand mine more.
P.S. Melissa, Turin, Talon, and baby Myla I miss you more than you will ever know


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