Friday, August 19, 2011

"Easy Button"

My iPhone alarm carelessly blares at 7:00AM tearing me away from the comfort of my dreams. Last night was long and unsatisfying; I assisted Mike M in operating room with a urological emergency in an Afghan national army (ANA) soldier.  Fortunately, he was the only one and we weren’t overrun with false information.  We finished about 1:30AM; now I’m awake with my body thirsting for more R.E.M. (not the band) sleep.  Morning report went quickly but before I could escape to my bed Charlie Company reeled me in for 2 orthopedic consults.  Both were U.S. soldiers; one who needed a cast change for his forearm and the other a viscosupplementation injection into his knee for arthritis. Afterwards I determined sleep was futile at this point so I went back to my shack to read. 
With trauma held at bay the dynamic trio of Rubes, Joe J and I went to work out.  The gym was exceedingly hot today so we were exhausted when we finished.  On my way back to my shack I was caught off guard by the base Chaplin. He wanted my orthopedic advice for a problem he was having so I gladly saw him and got him squared away; I need God on my side out here. 
One interesting ritual I have after surgical cases is the utilization of the “Easy Button”. It’s Staples best contribution to mankind and part of my daily routine after a long hard day in the operating room. It doesn’t matter how tired I am or how good or bad my day went; I just hit that big red button and life is suddenly better.  Everyone needs one of these big red wonders; just hit its shiny red surface and experience the difference; life has never been so good. Think of all the problems that could be solved.  Addiction; hit an “Easy Button”. To play your part in world peace; hit an “Easy Button. Save our economy; hit an “Easy Button”. Sell a house in Cleveland that I’ve had on the market for 1 ½ years; hit the “Easy Button”; Oh, sorry the batteries where dead on that button. If I could just get these babies in the hands of insurgents they would see that pushing a button doesn’t have to blow shit up, but rather fill their lives with happiness and joyJ
Trauma was nonexistent today which was welcome after last night.  This night is just beginning and we have been informed that it could heat up; today is Afghanistan’s Independents Day.  A 7000 person march is set to occur this evening in downtown Jalalabad.  With insurgents integrated into the environment this planned peaceful gathering could take a violent turn and attacks on our base could occur just like in Kabul today; a suicide bomber killed 4 individuals.  Keep your finger crossed.
Talk to you tomorrow my friends.
P.S. Today was my wife Melissa’s birthday, yet another special day I’ll never be able to make up. Melissa you have the eternal bridge to my souls; my heart still skips to your touch. Our love forged three beautiful children and a partnership destine to forever.  You are with me no matter the distance; time is only a temporary nuisance. My heart is yours beyond the end of time; I love you.

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